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November 21, 2018
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November 21, 2018 Walter Strong
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There are some people who find it very difficult to attain deep slumber on a nightly basis. Deep slumber is very important in maintaining the health of our body as well as keeping us sane. This article will look into tips for deep slumber guide to help you deal with sleep problems.

Deep slumber is the state of sleep where you dream and your body gets the chance to regenerate and heal. This makes it the most important stage of sleep for sufficient rest and the rejuvenation of the body.

Difficult to attain deep slumber

Difficult to attain deep slumber

Tips to help you sleep deeper

The following tips will help you achieve deeper slumber and thus increase the quality of your sleep:

  • Get a comfortable mattress

Mattresses can sometimes be an expensive investment but as long as you get the right one, it will be worth every cent. You don’t have to buy a really expensive mattress so as to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. All you have to do is ensure that you select a mattress that is not too hard or too soft for you.

The right mattress is one which will help to keep your body aligned and well supported throughout the night and prevent you from waking up with neck and back pains in the morning.

  • Sleep on one pillow

Sleeping on multiple pillows is not advisable as it will cause your upper body to be too curved which will cause a strain on your neck and shoulders. You should get the right pillow and sleep on one for the added advantage of keeping your airway open and prevent snoring.

  • Use relaxing scents or oils

By spraying a relaxing scent or essential oil such as lavender on your pillow, you will be able to sleep much better during the night. This is because these scents help to calm you down to fall asleep faster than usual. This will work to ensure that you get to the deep slumber stage a lot faster and enjoy it for much longer.

Use relaxing scents or oils

Use relaxing scents or oils

It is recommended that you use a scent that you are more familiar with to make you feel secure and comfortable enough to fall asleep easily. Do not experiment with different scents every night.

  • Keep your pets silent

If you have a pet it may be difficult for you to fall asleep at night with him/her making constant noises. You could get your pet a white noise machine to help it sleep much better during the night which will, in turn, benefit your slumber.

  • Avoid eating heavy meals before bed

Experts advise that people should avoid eating heavy meals or fatty foods right before bed because they take longer to digest and may cause stomach problems. If you have a tummy ache or a runny stomach it may be very difficult for you to get enough sleep as this problem will keep you up most of the night.

You should opt for lighter meals at night such as vegetables and salads. You can also try sleeping on your left side as the stomach problem may be caused by acid reflux and this sleeping position helps to alleviate the problem.

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  • Take supplements

Most times our sleeping problems are caused by low levels of magnesium. When the level of magnesium in our body is lower than required, you may experience jumpiness and inflammatory stress. When you take magnesium supplements you may help reduce this problem to enable you to sleep better.

  • Be smart about sharing a bed

One of the things that can make you lose sleep during the night is having to constantly pull and tug sheets and blankets with your partner. Instead of having to share sheets, you can each get a single mattress and use a strap to tie them together or get a bigger bed.

Additionally, let each one have a set of bed cover; you can each get your own sheets and blankets so you don’t have to keep pulling blankets from each other while you are sleeping.

Be smart about sharing a bed

Be smart about sharing a bed

  • Consider your allergies

When choosing pillows and bed coverings it is important to verify the materials used to make them because you may be allergic to them. Sleeping on fabric that you are allergic to can be a big sleep disrupter and must be avoided. Always go for materials that do not cause you any allergic reactions so that your sleep is not disrupted and you wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

  • Stay away from your mobile devices

Bedtime should be strictly for rest and sleep; the blue light that is emitted by your mobile phones and devices can make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night. These devices will keep your brain stimulated and prevent you from relaxing and allowing your brain to go into sleep mode.

You should make sure you turn them off before getting into bed to avoid being constantly woken up by beeps from notifications and messages received. Having them off for the duration of sleep means having a quiet and peaceful rest.

  • Adjust your room temperature

People sleep best at cool temperatures. Ensure that you have the optimal temperature in your room, which is usually a temperature that is neither hot nor cold. If your room is too hot then you will start sweating which will make you uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. If the room is too cold you will keep shivering and this will cause you to wake up and you may find it difficult to fall back asleep.

  • Avoid taking anti-sleeping medication

There are certain medications that contain caffeine and may make it quite difficult for one to fall asleep at night. Most of these medications are painkillers, therefore, it is necessary that you read the label to find out if it contains caffeine. If it does you can opt for a different kind or reduce the dosage you take.

  • Get rid of clutter in your room

Having a messy room can make you anxious and prevent you from falling asleep. You should ensure that you keep your room tidy by putting clothes and shoes in the right place and ensure that you do not leave your books and magazines everywhere. This will help you feel calm and even allow you to go to sleep feeling happy which will then lead to better sleep.

Get rid of clutter in your room

Get rid of clutter in your room


Getting quality sleep will always play a major role in your health and general psychological, social and physical health. You should make it your main point to ensure that you get quality deep slumber every night if you would like to enjoy your day and achieve most of what you have set out to do.

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These tips are a great deep slumber guide that will help you with the right pre-bedtime habits to enable you to get sufficient rest and to ensure that your sleep is uninterrupted.

It is not always necessary to run for sleep medication for you to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep, all you have to do is make a few lifestyle adjustments that will help to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

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