7 Tips on How to Sleep Deeper

November 21, 2018
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November 21, 2018 Walter Strong
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It has been said time and again that enjoying quality sleep is very important for one’s health and general wellbeing. It is important that you ensure you practice good sleeping habits on a daily basis so as to enjoy quality sleep that will help your body get the rest it needs as well as to help it heal. Sufficient quality sleep means deep sleep and there are tips you can follow to help you know how to sleep deeper.

The best kind of sleep one can have is deep sleep as this is the type of sleep that helps your body stay healthy by getting the rest it needs. We are going to explore the tips and guide you through this life-changing process to attain deep sleep.

Enjoying quality sleep is very important

Enjoying quality sleep is very important

The best practices for deeper sleep

The following practices will help you increase the quality of your sleep as well as enable you to increase the length of your deep sleep stage:

1. Get rid of all distractions

If you would like to get better sleep, you have to ensure that you do away with all external distractions such as light and noise. You can do this by switching off your mobile devices when you get into bed and ensuring that your room is dark to avoid the light from causing you not to fall into deep sleep.

You could also avoid being distracted by loud noises from outside by using a white noise machine to offset the loud noises or even try listening to relaxing sounds when you are in bed to help you fall into a peaceful sleep.

2. Regulate your room temperature

The temperature of your bedroom will play a major role in whether you will get a peaceful sleep or not. If your room is too hot or too cold you will not be able to fall into a peaceful sleep and thus you will not be able to get into your deep sleep mode.

You should always adjust your room temperature so that it is neither hot nor cold for you to get comfortable sleep during sleep. Fix your temperature to fall between 60 degrees and 67 degrees.

3. Have a regular or predictable sleep schedule

It is important to train your body to go to sleep at a particular time and wake up at a set time on a daily basis. This will help you to fall asleep much faster and thus get to your deep sleep stage even faster and thus enjoy it for much longer.

This will also help you avoid getting sleeping disorders such as insomnia or if you already have insomnia it can help you get rid of it.

4. Have a relaxing bedtime ritual

You should start engaging in a relaxing activity before sleeping. This regular pattern of activity will be instrumental in helping you fall asleep fast. You should make sure that the activity/activities you choose are done in low light and they will not get you excited, anxious or stressed. You could engage in activities such as light reading or listening to some soft music.

Start engaging in a relaxing activity before sleeping

Start engaging in a relaxing activity before sleeping

5. Avoid taking daytime naps

If you are in the habit of sleeping during the day then it may be the reason why you are finding it difficult to fall asleep at night. Daytime naps may help you feel good at that particular time but they are not that good as you don’t get to fall into a deep sleep during these naps.

You should avoid sleeping at any other time apart from the time you have trained your body to sleep during the night.

6. Ensure our sleep environment is soothing

The room you sleep in influences the quality of sleep you get. Ensure that you paint your bedroom calm colors that will help you relax and avoid bright colors such as red and yellow as they have the effect of exciting your brain.

You should also get a comfortable mattress that is firm enough to support your back. Also, ensure you get the right pillow to support your neck and head so you can avoid waking up with joint and muscle pain.

Additionally, ensure that the room is tidy to allow your body and mind to feel relaxed and thus help you fall asleep fast and ensure you sleep through the night.

7. Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol

You should avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine a few hours before going to bed as this may greatly interfere with your sleep schedule.

Alcohol is really bad as it worsens your sleeping disorder if you have been diagnosed with one. It also has the effect of interrupting your sleep pattern and making you wake up in the middle of the night thus lowering your sleep quality.

Caffeine, on the other hand, has the effect of keeping your body and mind stimulated thus preventing you from falling asleep at the required time.

Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol

Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol

This will reduce the amount of sleep you will receive thus shortening your deep sleep stage if at all you will get any.


Numerous studies have shown us that the most important stage of sleep is a deep sleep as it is the time when our bodies are able to regenerate. It is sometimes referred to as the dream stage.

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Getting enough quality sleep will help keep you healthy and avoid unnecessary headaches during the day. Getting good sleep during the night will help boost your productivity during the day and even help positively influence how you interact with people throughout your day.

You should implement the tips we have given you on how to sleep deeper and you will notice positive results in a very short time. You do not have to run to taking medicine for you to sleep better at night, all you have to do is make a few lifestyle adjustments that will make a world of difference.

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