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“ We believe that good sleep is essential, and rest is important. Having both is priceless.”


It all started with questions. If the best things in life are free, why is it that a good sleep seemed too expensive that very few can actually afford it? Why is it that individuals fail to achieve what they set out to do when they lay their tired heads on their pillows? If sleeping is supposed to rejuvenate people, then why are too many individuals waking up feeling tired and exhausted? These questions later on, guided our mission. It helped outline our vision. The rest was carried out through perseverance. And a strong desire to enhance the quality of life for others.


Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for those who suffer from sleeping disorders, by sharing valuable information and reaching out to as many people as we can.


Our vision is to someday be the leading source of online help and valuable information focused on improving and correcting sleep disturbance issues.


Hi, I’m Walter. I am a professor and self-made entrepreneur, but my passion will always be writing. Why? Maybe because I liked getting my messages across, in a way that stays long after spoken words are gone. I also liked having a big audience, since I prefer writing about basic things in life.

Armed with a degree in social science, and years and years of research, I decided to start ‘Artblomman’. My articles are created out of a deeper, more personal perspective. Having seen friends suffer from sleep disturbances, I felt the need to help. Through these simple, straightforward articles, I hope to effectively identify issues and provide meaningful support through tips and guidelines. After all, writing allows me to reach and help more people. And helping people just gives me a good feeling!

Featured Posts:

Most of the articles we publish offer a variety of tips and guidelines, all related to the topic of sleep. Some are about correcting sleep related issues such as snoring and improper sleeping position. Topics about deep slumber and how to sleep deeper talks about ways on how you can achieve a state of sleep that is most beneficial, wherein the body undergoes cell regeneration. Some articles discuss how to establish improved toddler sleep routine, and focuses on activities you can do with your little ones. These techniques promote relaxation and induce sleep.

The tips provided are very basic and easy to follow. The information provided are all factual and well researched. It applies to everyone. Because sleep disturbance and sleep issues can affect anyone. But with the proper guidance, these issues can be corrected.

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