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Essential Oils
Essential Oils

Essential Oils – The Gifts from Nature

Nature provides us with a big variety of essential oils from plants essences. They are able to solve so many problems and give us so much joy using them. Essential oils are not only fragrant, but they also have pharmacy properties. It can bring delights to every aspect of our lives.

People since the beginning of time, have using a number of plants to heal. In this era, we are more blessed because we can use the essential oils that are distilled from the wonderful plants that can heal. Never before, has the collection of essential oils so readily available to the humankind.

Essential oils – An Overview

Where do essential oils come from?

From various parts of plants like trees, herbs, grasses, shrubs, fruits, roots or flowers, we extract the concentration which is called essential oils.

For example:

  • Geranium essential oils come from the leaves and stalks of the plant.
  • Bay essential oil comes from their leaves.
  • Ginger oil comes from the rhizomes.
  • Rose essential oil comes from the petals.
  • Vetiver essential oils come from the root.
  • etc.

There are a lot of species that we can extract essential oils from. However, in one species, we also have to choose the specific type that can give us oil.

For example, Eucalyptus trees essential oil is one of the most used oils in the world. There are hundreds of species that can be categorized as eucalyptus trees, but not all of them can give out essential oils.

There are a lot of species that we can extract essential oils from

There are a lot of species that we can extract essential oils from

Essential oils making and using is a science that is ever-growing. There are new plants being extracted, which attribute to our fragrant library.

Techniques to extract essential oils

There are many means to extract the oil from the plants, which largely depend on the plant species itself.

The most common technique is called Steam Distillation. Other than this, people also use expression, maceration, solvent extraction or CO2 extraction to make essential oils from its original plants.

Essential oils as medicine

Every type of essential oils has different medicinal properties. A lot of researches from over the years have confirmed the usability of certain essential oils. The most popular ones are used throughout history, from traditional folk medicine to modern medical applications.

Nowadays, we use essential oils for a multitude of properties:

  • Antifungal: can treat fungal infections in your skin, hair or nails.
  • Antiviral: can treat viral infections, for example, flu viruses.
  • Antibacterial: kill or reduce the harm of bacterias
  • Antiseptic: can slow down or stop the growth of micro-organism
  • Anti-inflammatory: can reduce swelling or other forms of inflammation
  • Antirheumatic: can slow down diseases associating with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Antispasmodic: can suppress muscle spasm
  • Antitoxic: can neutralize some specific toxins
  • Antidepressant: can treat the depressive disorder or associated conditions.
  • Nervine: can act therapeutically on nerves
  • Sedative: can induce sedation by decrease excitement or irritability
  • Carminative: can prevent gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Circulatory: aids the organs and vessels in the flow of blood, helps deliver hormones, nutrients, blood, etc.
  • Diuretic: can increase the production of urine
  • and much more

Chemical components of essential oils

As much as they are different, essential oils have the same complexity. For example, in any essential oil, we can find up to 100 chemical components. The majority components include alcohols, ketones, esters, terpenes, aldehydes, and phenols. What makes essential oils varied is its smaller trace of compounds. Up to this day, science hasn’t found out all the tiny compounds existing in each oil that make it so different from each other.

Chemical components of essential oils

Chemical components of essential oils

Essential oils also have positive-negative and polarity electrical properties.

Why essential oils cost as much as they do?

No essential oils are the same. They differ from the growing process to the properties that they bear. The price of different oils, therefore, may be miles apart from each other.

For example, let’s look into jasmine oils. To make this, the farmers must grow the highest quality jasmine flowers, and pick the flowers from its first opening day, before the sun rises too high. To make 1 pound of jasmine oils, we need up to 4 million hand-picked jasmine blossoms.

On the other hand, is the case for the sandalwood tree. We need to wait for the sandalwood trees to past its thirty years of age before taking the wood in for distillation.

The cost of each essential oil reflects the hardship through which they come on to the market. The difficulty of making jasmine essential oil justifies for its high price. In fact, it is one of the most expensive oils in the market right now.

The same can be said about rose essential oils because, for 1 pound of this oil, we need up to around 4500 pounds of rose heads. In the case of lavender oil, which is a fairly affordable option, it only takes about 150 pounds of flower head to produce 1 pound of essential oil.

The versatility of essential oils

Essential oils have a lot of use, and they are also very convenient. The most common essential used right now is lavender oil for its cost-effectiveness and its wonderful varied use. We can use this essential oil to treat minor burns so that there won’t be blister, patch or scar.

The same bottle can be used for headache or relaxing purposes. That’s not the end, because lavender oil can be used effectively for mosquito bites and drive away moths. People even dabble a piece of cloth in lavender oil and put it in the closet to drive away insects.

Housewives dote on this type of oil because it can be diluted in water to wash household applications and make our house smell better when used as an air freshener. Can you think of anything that is more versatile? We can not.

Essential oils, or the battle of nature vs. synthetics

The modern world sees the alarming spread of synthetic chemicals into our life. They present so available on the shelf of markets and magically wipe away any inconvenience in our life. We can find the synthetic chemical in household cleaning products. We can find them in health and beauty products for our hair, face, and body. We can find them in the production of food and beverages. There’s no way one can live in the modern world yet abstinent from the presence of synthetic chemicals.

However, you can modify and tweak some aspects of life with the natural use of essential oils.

For example, some woman has chosen to make their body, hair and face products entirely from essential oils and natural compounds. The simplest method that you can introduce this natural wonderfulness in your life is by making them into perfumes and air fresheners.

You can introduce this natural wonderfulness in your life is by making them into perfumes and air fresheners

You can introduce this natural wonderfulness in your life is by making them into perfumes and air fresheners

Other than that, some common applications of essential oils into daily life include:

  • Encourage plant growth
  • Protect decorate plants from insects.
  • Alleviate problems in our body
  • Use for family well-being

How to use essential oils for medicinal purposes

To use essential oils for therapeutic purposes, there is a big range of methods. We can apply it on the skin (external application), smell (inhalation), drink (oral ingestion), or use it as supplements. Because essential oils molecules have a small size, so they can be absorbed quickly and easily.

When used for applying on the skin, essential oils can be used directly by itself. We can also dilute it in other carrier oils, or use in compresses, gels, baths or lotions. Hand baths and foot baths are okay, too.

For smell or inhalation process, we will have to rely on the help of room sprays, diffusers, vaporizing devices. More simply, we can sniff the oil directly from a tissue or from the bottle.

People don’t drink or eat substances with essential oils commonly, but they are fairly typical in supplements forms. Unless you are advised by a qualified health-care practitioner, don’t try to take in essential oils by yourself, because it may pose some problems, even lethal, for you.

Even if you only use one type of essential oil, how you use it affect greatly to how much it absorbs into your body. Other factors such as your age, diet, genetics, and size also determine the effectiveness. If a person has conditions in the liver, heart, kidneys, or metabolic disorder, then the absorption rate will be affected also.

Therefore, only after you’ve successfully grasped the condition of your body, how much would you want the essential oils to take effects, and how strong are the essential oils, that you should monitor it to your own case.

Using essential oils for daily discomfort

It’s easy to use essential oils in your daily life. This video helps us with tips, tricks and simple recipes with these wonderful natural gifts.

As with all things, essential oils have their own set of risks. However, if we use them with knowledge and respect, then it should pose no problem. Essential oils are the highest-grade of beauty. They are sweet and lovely, but they are also potent.

Below are some essential oils recipes for some common problems that we meet every day. They are easy to make and only require you to buy some common, affordable types of oils.


Headache is a common symptom, that comes from the various cause. Paragraph belows will guide you through the most common types of headaches and how we can treat them with essential oil blends.

Headache without a casue

Mix 3 drops of lavender together with 1 drop of peppermint, in equal part with a carrier oil. Dab on the mixture and massage around your temples as well as the base of the skull. Drag the finger along the hairline.

Other essential oils that can substitute in this mixture: chamomile, rose otto, rosemary.

Tension or Nervous Headache

This comes when we feel too stressed out. Combine 3 drops of lavender essential oil with 1 drop of chamomile oils. Mix with equal parts of carrier oil. Massage over the upper abdomen, the base of the skull and along the hariline.


Mix 3 drops of Cardamom oil, with 2 drops of Peppermint oil. Dilute the mixture in 1 teaspon of carrier oil. We can substitue these oils with lavender, geranum, basil, or spearmint essential oils. Dab on the finger and rub over the upper abdomen.


Use one drop of the following oils: lavender, chamomile, lemon or ginger. Drop it in a paper bag, and inhale in the bag slowly, deeply from your nose.

Using essential oils for daily discomfort

Using essential oils for daily discomfort


Flu is a common condition that can be caused by a multitude of viruses. Infected with the flu, a person will become feverish, tired, cold, aching and exhausted. This treatment aims to raise your immunity, and combat the virus at the same time.

Note: If your flu makes you cold and shivery, take a warm bath with these blends.

Make a mixture of 5 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of thyme oil.

Mix them in 1 tbsp of carrier oil, then massage all over the body before bed.

You can also diffuse the essential oils in the home using a diffuser with a blend of 2 drops of cinnamon leaf, 2 drops of clove oil, 5 drops of eucalyptus and 5 drops of oregano.

Insect bites

First of all, remove the stinger. Then dilute lavender essential oils diluted with a carrier oil onto the site. We can subsittue lavender with chamomile essential oil.

Lower back pain

For this condition, we can mix 4 drops of rosemary, 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, 2 drops of thyme oils on a hot compress, and put that to the place that hurt. When the compress cools down, replace it with another heated one. Do this whenever you feel hurt, or at least 3 times a day.

Essential oils love you

Essential oils are indeed the gifts from nature for the people who know how to appreciate them. They are affordable, healthy and wholesome options to trade your daily substances with.

Have you used any essential oils lately? Share with us.

Tips for an effective toddler bedtime routine
Tips for an effective toddler bedtime routine

Tips for an Effective Toddler Bedtime Routine

Toddlers can be very fussy when it comes to bedtime as they usually sleep most of the day and wake up at odd hours of the night. This can be very stressful for parents as they will be unable to get enough sleep which may greatly interfere with the productivity and concentration, thus the need for an effective toddler bedtime routine.

The only way to deal with this issue is by establishing a regular sleeping pattern for your toddler. This may seem like an impossible task but we are going to guide you through an effective bedtime routine for your toddler that will work best for you and have long-term positive results.

The basics for a good bedtime routine

The most important thing to remember when it comes to establishing a bedtime routine is that you have to engage in the same activities every night in the same pattern. This helps the toddler associate certain activities with sleep and help him or her feel more relaxed and thus be able to fall asleep much faster.

Ensure that you try to maintain the same routine even when you have traveled away from home as this will help the toddler relax in this unfamiliar environment and thus be able to sleep much faster.

Toddlers can be very fussy when it comes to bedtime

Toddlers can be very fussy when it comes to bedtime

It is important to ensure that you spend some time in the toddler’s room as part of the bedtime routine as this will help them associate it with a fun place to be and make them even more comfortable in the room.

Leave the toddler’s room after kissing him or her goodnight and tucking the toddler to sleep- do not linger. If your toddler starts to fuss you should just promise to be back in a few minutes so as to keep him or her reassured and thus make it easier to fall asleep.

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What kind of activities should you include in your toddler’s bedtime routine?

The activities you choose for the bedtime routine should aim at making your toddler calm down rather than getting him or her excited.

The following are suggestions for toddler pre-bedtime activities:

  • Brush your toddler’s teeth

This activity is both soothing and good hygiene practice for your toddler. It is important to teach toddlers to brush their teeth before going to bed as this will help them maintain good dental hygiene even when they get older.

This bedtime activity is great as it gets the toddler to wind down and it is also a common activity associated with bedtime.

  • Give him or her a bath

This is another fun and relaxing activity to do for your toddler’s bedtime routine. Giving your toddler a warm bath before putting him or her to bed will help to relax them and this will also make them feel sleepy and prevent them from fussing too much when you put them to bed.

This, however, will not be the best activity for a toddler who gets excited by taking baths or one who does not like being given baths. You should instead reserve this particular activity for morning hours when he or she wakes up.

  • Play a calm game with your toddler

You can choose to include a quiet game as part of your bedtime routine where you may play card games or simple puzzle games with your toddlers if they are a bit older or you could play peek-a-boo with a much younger toddler.

Play a calm game with your toddler

Play a calm game with your toddler

You should opt for simple games such as counting numbers or reciting the alphabet as this will not stimulate your toddler and instead make him or her to feel relaxed and even lull them to sleep.

  • Get your toddler dressed for bed

Having a different outfit for bed can help your toddler feel much calmer and sleep early than letting him or her sleep in clothes they had on during the day. You can dress them in exciting pajamas that will make them feel happy and thus get them excited for bedtime.

Allowing your toddler to choose between two different pajama outfits will be great at teaching them how to be independent and be able to make decisions even when they grow up.

  • Read your toddler a bedtime story

A bedtime story is another activity that your toddler will enjoy. You should pick an age-appropriate story and then read your toddler the story while cuddling with him or her in bed as this will help to strengthen your bond as well as allow them to feel safe enough to fall asleep faster.

You can also have a couple of story books and then allow your toddler to choose the book that you should read each night.

  • Singing songs

Singing a soothing lullaby to your toddler can come in very handy when getting him or her to fall asleep faster. A toddler’s favorite sound is that of its parents and singing to them may help them to drift off when they are feeling sleepy.

This is a great bedtime routine as you don’t even have to be physically around to sing the toddler to sleep; you can record tunes and set them to play when the toddler is in bed getting ready to sleep.

  • Talking to your toddler

It is very important to have a chat with your toddlers, whether or not they are old enough to talk back to you. You can make it a routine to always talk to them about how both yours and the toddler’s day has been.

Talking to your toddler

Talking to your toddler

It is good to encourage your toddler to tell you about his or her day if he or she is old enough to talk as this will foster better communication between the two of you as well as give you information about the child. It is also very soothing to the toddler to listen to your voice and this will help him or her to fall asleep easily.


From the information we have given you, you can now easily establish an effective toddler bedtime routine. A predictable and appropriate routine for bed is important in enabling the toddler to get sufficient quality sleep.

Sufficient quality sleep is as important for toddlers as it is for adults and it will be up to you as the parent or guardian to ensure that the child gets the right amount of sleep to enable the toddler to have a more productive and energetic day.

When you are able to participate in the same pattern of activities on a daily basis, your toddler will learn to associate these activities with falling asleep and thus take less time drifting off to sleep after engaging in these bedtime rituals.

Start practicing your toddler’s bedtime routine now and enjoy a more peaceful night with no interruptions from him/her.

Reasons why should learn to sleep on back
Reasons why should learn to sleep on back

Reasons Why You Should Learn to Sleep on Your Back

Everyone has their own sleeping style which makes them feel comfortable and allows them to fall asleep faster. Sleeping on your back, however, has more benefits compared to any other sleeping positions. Studies have shown that how sleep will play a crucial role in whether or not you will suffer from chronic neck and back pain, which is why you should learn to sleep on your back.

You may purchase the best pillows and mattresses on the market but it won’t be enough to alleviate your body pain if you do not employ the right sleep posture. We are going to explore the reasons why sleeping on your back is a good idea and why other common sleeping postures are not the best.

Sleeping on your back has more benefits

Sleeping on your back has more benefits

Why you should avoid sleeping on your side

It is a fact that most people prefer sleeping on their side but it is not the best choice. This is because this sleeping position often causes hip and shoulder pain. It has also been proven by numerous studies to increase the effects of heartburn especially if you sleep on your right side.

Most studies show that when you sleep on your right side it helps to loosen your lower esophageal sphincter which will then not prevent the acid from rising to your throat from your stomach. Sleeping on your left side doesn’t have this effect as it effectively shuts the connection between your stomach and through thus preventing left side sleepers from experiencing heartburn.

Why you should avoid stomach sleeping

Stomach sleepers are very few and this sleeping position has the worst side effects. Studies have shown that sleeping on your stomach will put pressure on your entire body and thus increase your risks of getting the numb and tingling sensation.

If the stomach sleeper turns his or her head from side to side to enable sleeping then he or she increases the chances of getting joint and muscle pain. Sleeping on your stomach may also put a strain on your breathing while you are sleeping, which may reduce the amount of oxygen your body receives.

Reasons to sleep on your back

There is a very small number of people who sleep on their back, despite it considered the best sleeping position when it comes to pain management and comfort. Sleeping on your back helps keep your neck and spine properly aligned while you are asleep and prevents you from waking up with neck and shoulder pain. This is the most comfortable sleep position for sufficient and quality.

Back sleeping also protects you from experiencing heartburn during the night because keeps the path between your throat and stomach effectively closed thus preventing backflow or reflux of stomach acid. Aesthetically, sleeping on your back will also do wonders for your face because you will develop fewer wrinkles thanks to your face not getting smashed between your pillows as you sleep. This will keep you looking younger for longer.

Reasons to sleep on your back

Reasons to sleep on your back

Though sleeping on your back is highly recommended, you should not do it if you snore or if you are suffering from sleep apnea as this position will worsen your condition.

How to teach yourself to sleep on your back

If you are not a natural back sleeper don’t worry as you can always train yourself to sleep on your back using the following simple techniques:

  • You can use pillows to barricade your body in the back sleeping position to prevent you from rolling over in your sleep. Do this every night until sleeping on your back becomes something natural to you.
  • You should also place a pillow under your knees to elevate your legs and secure you to sleep on your back and to alleviate the discomfort you may feel on your spine due to changing sleeping positions. This will be more comfortable than sleeping with your legs flat out on the mattress thus making it easier to fall asleep in this new position.
  • You should also get a pillow to support your neck and head so as to keep it properly aligned with the rest of your body. This will help to improve your breathing while you sleep by keeping your airways open.
  • Consistency is necessary when it comes to training yourself to sleep on your back. Changing sleeping positions does not happen overnight, it requires that you have a lot of patience and determination.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and you find that you have flipped over to your more natural sleeping position, either on your stomach or side, you should turn and sleep on your back again. Doing this for a number of consequent nights will help make it a habit to sleep on your back and then you will be able to enjoy the many benefits that come with sleeping in this position.

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You can use pillows to barricade your body

You can use pillows to barricade your body

You should also try different sleep postures when you are lying on your back to determine which one is more comfortable for you. You can choose to try the starfish position where you lie on your back and keep your arms and legs stretched or the goal post position where you stretch your arms above your head.


From numerous studies that have been done by sleep experts, it is clear that the prize sleeping position is sleeping on your back. If you are able to get yourself to sleep the whole night on your back you will be able to improve your general health as well as get yourself better quality sleep.

For you to be able to sleep comfortably on your back, you will need to invest in good quality pillows that will help support your head and neck. Be careful not to place too many pillows under your head as it may elevate it too much thus blocking your air passage.

Sleep experts say that although sleeping on your back is the ultimate sleeping position, you should always choose the sleeping position that works best for you. This is because a comfortable good night’s sleep is more important than sleeping in a position that everyone says is the right one.

There are those who may face some disadvantages to their health if they choose to sleep on their backs. This is especially the case when it comes to sleep apnea patients and people who snore in their sleep as this position worsens their condition.

If you want to learn to sleep on your back, you can use the tips we have given you and ensure that you remain consistent throughout the whole process.

10 reasons for waking up tired in the morning
10 reasons for waking up tired in the morning

10 Reasons for Waking Up Tired in the Morning

Most of us have woken up feeling tired on one occasion or the other and wondered what could be the cause. When you wake up feeling tired you will be grumpy throughout your day which may negatively affect your social interactions. This makes it necessary to know the cause of waking up tired in the morning and find a way to fix it.

There are a number of things that could cause us to wake up feeling tired in the morning. We are going to look at some of these factors so as to give you a better understanding of what might be causing you this problem.

What could be the cause

What could be the cause

The following are the 10 most popular reasons why you are waking up feeling tired:

1. Drinking caffeine

Caffeine may be effective in giving you that extra boost of energy you need during the day so as to get through all that you need to do. Taking too much caffeine, however, may actually cause you to get less sleep.

This is because it will take a long time to flush it out of your body and thus keep you energized even when it is your bedtime thus preventing you from falling asleep as required.

2. Watching television before bed

When you decide to watch television before going to bed it may negatively affect the quality of sleep you get. It may keep you up way past the time you should fall asleep and thus alter your sleep pattern which may cause you to get low quality sleep.

Watching television at night may also have the effect negating deep sleep by keeping you in a light sleep mode where any sound can cause you to wake up and thus leading to you getting very little sleep.

3. Having an unsteady sleep pattern

If you are in the habit of changing your sleep pattern regularly by going to bed at different times every night, it can cause you to get very little sleep of poor quality.

For you to sleep soundly throughout the night, you need to train your body to respond to a certain sleeping regime that will trigger you to fall asleep at the same time every night and wake up at a given time every morning, thus ensuring that you are well rested during the night.

4. Stress

If you are under a lot of stress you may find it difficult to fall asleep on time which may then cause you to wake up feeling very tired the next day. It can also cause you to sleep fitfully thus leaving you with very little rest.



It helps to do some exercises to help relieve some of the stress before you go to bed, instead of indulging your mind in thinking about whatever it is that might be causing it.

5. Having an untidy bedroom environment

If your room is very messy then you may find it very hard to get out of bed during the morning and even cause you to feel stressed out. The negative vibes that come from having a disorganized room may sometimes cause you to lose sleep at night thus making you wake up feeling very tired. The mess can also make you feel demoralized when you wake up in the morning and cause you to feel like you don’t want to engage in any activities.

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6. Sleeping disorders

If you are suffering from a sleeping disorder then it may explain why you are very tired when you wake up in the morning. Most sleeping disorders will prevent you from sleeping soundly throughout the night and will leave you feeling tired in the morning.

7. Hunger

The stomach is usually one of the most common causes of discomfort. This is especially the case when one is hungry. There are times when you may be feeling too tired to get something to eat before bed and opt to go to sleep hungry.

Hunger usually causes a lot of discomfort including abdominal pain that may prevent you from getting enough sleep. If you cannot get a good meal, you should always take a healthy snack before bed. One that is rich in nutrients and proteins that will sustain you through the night.

8. Not getting enough exercise

It is advisable to always get enough exercise during the day as this will help keep your body healthy as well as regulate your sleep pattern. When you work out, you will give your body enough energy to engage in the necessary activities during the day and then once the energy is depleted, you will be exhausted enough to fall asleep.

9. Dehydration

Water is very important and not drinking enough of it can cause you to feel tired and light-headed. Dehydration can cause your blood levels to drop thus over-exerting your heart as it pumps blood in your body.



10. Drinking alcohol before bed

Alcohol has been known to interfere with the natural sleep pattern and also makes sleeping disorders worse. If you take alcohol before falling asleep it can cause you to wake up feeling very tired and even cause you to feel sick in the morning.


It is clear that waking up tired in the morning can be caused by a number of things. The ones listed above a merely the common causes of morning fatigue and most of them easily be avoided so as to ensure you get sufficient quality sleep.

Getting enough sleep is essential in ensuring that you stay healthy, enjoy a productive day and stay in a positive mood the rest of the day. You should always make it your aim to avoid all things that are going to make you get less sleep or cause you to get low quality sleep.

Sleep plays a very important role in our health as well as physical and psychological development adopt the best habits, especially in the few hours before bed to ensure that you sleep well.

12 ways to keep someone asleep
12 ways to keep someone asleep

12 Ways of How to Keep Someone Asleep

If you have someone who finds it really hard to stay asleep during the night then this is the best read for you. We are going to guide you on how to keep someone asleep throughout the night with very simple techniques.

This is important because as you well know by now sleep is very important to our health and wellbeing. Getting our brains and bodies to rest for a few hours is essential in ensuring that we remain healthy and we are productive in all the activities we undertake.

Hard to stay asleep during the night

Hard to stay asleep during the night

Most of the time when someone finds it difficult to fall asleep they may be suffering from insomnia which is a common type of sleeping disorder.

The following tips will guide you in helping this person stay asleep throughout the night:

  • Ensure the bedroom is conducive for sleep by ensuring the lights are dim and there are no noises that could cause the person to wake up. You should also make sure that the furniture and room décor are not too distracting either by color or pattern.
  • You should make sure that you establish a calming bedtime ritual that will help you relax and ready to fall asleep. You can choose to either take a relaxing cup of herbal, caffeine-free tea, take a warm relaxing bath or even listen to some relaxing soft music.
  • Keep all the clocks in your room out of site as they are known to cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress.
  • Ensure that you exercise on a daily basis as this will help to give your body the boost of energy it requires during the day and thus make you tired enough to fall asleep faster at night.
  • Avoid giving the individual caffeine or alcohol a few hours before going to bed as these two beverages will alter the person’s sleep pattern and thus make it harder for him/her to stay asleep throughout the night.
  • Use the bed only for sleeping or for sex. This will help your brain to associate the bed with falling asleep and thus it will help the individual to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.
Person you are helping does not take naps during the day

Person you are helping does not take naps during the day

  • Ensure that the person you are helping does not take naps during the day no matter how sleepy they might feel. This will prevent them from losing sleep in the middle of the night and altering their sleep pattern.
  • It is important to visit a medical professional to find out if there is any other medical condition that may be causing the person to lose sleep and make sure the condition gets treated. Getting rid of the underlying condition can help to treat insomnia.
  • In the event that the individual wakes up in the middle of the night and he/she is not able to fall back asleep after 20 minutes, encourage them to get out of bed and go do a relaxing activity such as reading a book or listening to soft music until he/she feels sleepy again.
  • Ensure that the person goes to bed at the same time every day and he/she wakes up at the same time on a daily basis so as to establish an effective sleep pattern for them in order to treat insomnia.
  • Ensure that you get a comfortable mattress and pillows for your bed so that the person is comfortable when he/she is sleeping. You should also ensure that the temperature of the room is neither too cold nor too hot so as to ensure that their sleep is not disturbed.
  • Ensure that the individual gets enough sunlight in the morning as this helps to naturally set his/her internal clock.
  • More importantly, have a regular and predictable sleeping schedule so that your internal clock is aligned to it. Haphazard bedtime schedules are one of the main causes of sleeping problems.
Have a regular and predictable sleeping schedule

Have a regular and predictable sleeping schedule


Sleep problems can be quite stressful, so, it is good to help ourselves and those around us who have trouble sleeping, thus the need to know some of the ways to keep someone asleep.

This will be beneficial to us as well as we will also not get our sleep interrupted by their tossing and turning during the night. When your partner gets a good night’s sleep, he or she will be in a better mood throughout the day and this will influence your relationship positively.

The tips that we have given you are easy to follow and they are things that will benefit both you and your partner or anyone else by improving the quality and quantity of sleep. These actions are simple lifestyle changes that are sure to bring a huge and positive change to how you sleep at night and how you feel when you wake in the morning. They will also help to improve your overall health.

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In Deep Slumber Guide
In Deep Slumber Guide

In Deep Slumber Guide

There are some people who find it very difficult to attain deep slumber on a nightly basis. Deep slumber is very important in maintaining the health of our body as well as keeping us sane. This article will look into tips for deep slumber guide to help you deal with sleep problems.

Deep slumber is the state of sleep where you dream and your body gets the chance to regenerate and heal. This makes it the most important stage of sleep for sufficient rest and the rejuvenation of the body.

Difficult to attain deep slumber

Difficult to attain deep slumber

Tips to help you sleep deeper

The following tips will help you achieve deeper slumber and thus increase the quality of your sleep:

  • Get a comfortable mattress

Mattresses can sometimes be an expensive investment but as long as you get the right one, it will be worth every cent. You don’t have to buy a really expensive mattress so as to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. All you have to do is ensure that you select a mattress that is not too hard or too soft for you.

The right mattress is one which will help to keep your body aligned and well supported throughout the night and prevent you from waking up with neck and back pains in the morning.

  • Sleep on one pillow

Sleeping on multiple pillows is not advisable as it will cause your upper body to be too curved which will cause a strain on your neck and shoulders. You should get the right pillow and sleep on one for the added advantage of keeping your airway open and prevent snoring.

  • Use relaxing scents or oils

By spraying a relaxing scent or essential oil such as lavender on your pillow, you will be able to sleep much better during the night. This is because these scents help to calm you down to fall asleep faster than usual. This will work to ensure that you get to the deep slumber stage a lot faster and enjoy it for much longer.

Use relaxing scents or oils

Use relaxing scents or oils

It is recommended that you use a scent that you are more familiar with to make you feel secure and comfortable enough to fall asleep easily. Do not experiment with different scents every night.

  • Keep your pets silent

If you have a pet it may be difficult for you to fall asleep at night with him/her making constant noises. You could get your pet a white noise machine to help it sleep much better during the night which will, in turn, benefit your slumber.

  • Avoid eating heavy meals before bed

Experts advise that people should avoid eating heavy meals or fatty foods right before bed because they take longer to digest and may cause stomach problems. If you have a tummy ache or a runny stomach it may be very difficult for you to get enough sleep as this problem will keep you up most of the night.

You should opt for lighter meals at night such as vegetables and salads. You can also try sleeping on your left side as the stomach problem may be caused by acid reflux and this sleeping position helps to alleviate the problem.

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  • Take supplements

Most times our sleeping problems are caused by low levels of magnesium. When the level of magnesium in our body is lower than required, you may experience jumpiness and inflammatory stress. When you take magnesium supplements you may help reduce this problem to enable you to sleep better.

  • Be smart about sharing a bed

One of the things that can make you lose sleep during the night is having to constantly pull and tug sheets and blankets with your partner. Instead of having to share sheets, you can each get a single mattress and use a strap to tie them together or get a bigger bed.

Additionally, let each one have a set of bed cover; you can each get your own sheets and blankets so you don’t have to keep pulling blankets from each other while you are sleeping.

Be smart about sharing a bed

Be smart about sharing a bed

  • Consider your allergies

When choosing pillows and bed coverings it is important to verify the materials used to make them because you may be allergic to them. Sleeping on fabric that you are allergic to can be a big sleep disrupter and must be avoided. Always go for materials that do not cause you any allergic reactions so that your sleep is not disrupted and you wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

  • Stay away from your mobile devices

Bedtime should be strictly for rest and sleep; the blue light that is emitted by your mobile phones and devices can make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night. These devices will keep your brain stimulated and prevent you from relaxing and allowing your brain to go into sleep mode.

You should make sure you turn them off before getting into bed to avoid being constantly woken up by beeps from notifications and messages received. Having them off for the duration of sleep means having a quiet and peaceful rest.

  • Adjust your room temperature

People sleep best at cool temperatures. Ensure that you have the optimal temperature in your room, which is usually a temperature that is neither hot nor cold. If your room is too hot then you will start sweating which will make you uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. If the room is too cold you will keep shivering and this will cause you to wake up and you may find it difficult to fall back asleep.

  • Avoid taking anti-sleeping medication

There are certain medications that contain caffeine and may make it quite difficult for one to fall asleep at night. Most of these medications are painkillers, therefore, it is necessary that you read the label to find out if it contains caffeine. If it does you can opt for a different kind or reduce the dosage you take.

  • Get rid of clutter in your room

Having a messy room can make you anxious and prevent you from falling asleep. You should ensure that you keep your room tidy by putting clothes and shoes in the right place and ensure that you do not leave your books and magazines everywhere. This will help you feel calm and even allow you to go to sleep feeling happy which will then lead to better sleep.

Get rid of clutter in your room

Get rid of clutter in your room


Getting quality sleep will always play a major role in your health and general psychological, social and physical health. You should make it your main point to ensure that you get quality deep slumber every night if you would like to enjoy your day and achieve most of what you have set out to do.

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These tips are a great deep slumber guide that will help you with the right pre-bedtime habits to enable you to get sufficient rest and to ensure that your sleep is uninterrupted.

It is not always necessary to run for sleep medication for you to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep, all you have to do is make a few lifestyle adjustments that will help to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

7 tips on how to sleep deeper
7 tips on how to sleep deeper

7 Tips on How to Sleep Deeper

It has been said time and again that enjoying quality sleep is very important for one’s health and general wellbeing. It is important that you ensure you practice good sleeping habits on a daily basis so as to enjoy quality sleep that will help your body get the rest it needs as well as to help it heal. Sufficient quality sleep means deep sleep and there are tips you can follow to help you know how to sleep deeper.

The best kind of sleep one can have is deep sleep as this is the type of sleep that helps your body stay healthy by getting the rest it needs. We are going to explore the tips and guide you through this life-changing process to attain deep sleep.

Enjoying quality sleep is very important

Enjoying quality sleep is very important

The best practices for deeper sleep

The following practices will help you increase the quality of your sleep as well as enable you to increase the length of your deep sleep stage:

1. Get rid of all distractions

If you would like to get better sleep, you have to ensure that you do away with all external distractions such as light and noise. You can do this by switching off your mobile devices when you get into bed and ensuring that your room is dark to avoid the light from causing you not to fall into deep sleep.

You could also avoid being distracted by loud noises from outside by using a white noise machine to offset the loud noises or even try listening to relaxing sounds when you are in bed to help you fall into a peaceful sleep.

2. Regulate your room temperature

The temperature of your bedroom will play a major role in whether you will get a peaceful sleep or not. If your room is too hot or too cold you will not be able to fall into a peaceful sleep and thus you will not be able to get into your deep sleep mode.

You should always adjust your room temperature so that it is neither hot nor cold for you to get comfortable sleep during sleep. Fix your temperature to fall between 60 degrees and 67 degrees.

3. Have a regular or predictable sleep schedule

It is important to train your body to go to sleep at a particular time and wake up at a set time on a daily basis. This will help you to fall asleep much faster and thus get to your deep sleep stage even faster and thus enjoy it for much longer.

This will also help you avoid getting sleeping disorders such as insomnia or if you already have insomnia it can help you get rid of it.

4. Have a relaxing bedtime ritual

You should start engaging in a relaxing activity before sleeping. This regular pattern of activity will be instrumental in helping you fall asleep fast. You should make sure that the activity/activities you choose are done in low light and they will not get you excited, anxious or stressed. You could engage in activities such as light reading or listening to some soft music.

Start engaging in a relaxing activity before sleeping

Start engaging in a relaxing activity before sleeping

5. Avoid taking daytime naps

If you are in the habit of sleeping during the day then it may be the reason why you are finding it difficult to fall asleep at night. Daytime naps may help you feel good at that particular time but they are not that good as you don’t get to fall into a deep sleep during these naps.

You should avoid sleeping at any other time apart from the time you have trained your body to sleep during the night.

6. Ensure our sleep environment is soothing

The room you sleep in influences the quality of sleep you get. Ensure that you paint your bedroom calm colors that will help you relax and avoid bright colors such as red and yellow as they have the effect of exciting your brain.

You should also get a comfortable mattress that is firm enough to support your back. Also, ensure you get the right pillow to support your neck and head so you can avoid waking up with joint and muscle pain.

Additionally, ensure that the room is tidy to allow your body and mind to feel relaxed and thus help you fall asleep fast and ensure you sleep through the night.

7. Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol

You should avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine a few hours before going to bed as this may greatly interfere with your sleep schedule.

Alcohol is really bad as it worsens your sleeping disorder if you have been diagnosed with one. It also has the effect of interrupting your sleep pattern and making you wake up in the middle of the night thus lowering your sleep quality.

Caffeine, on the other hand, has the effect of keeping your body and mind stimulated thus preventing you from falling asleep at the required time.

Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol

Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol

This will reduce the amount of sleep you will receive thus shortening your deep sleep stage if at all you will get any.


Numerous studies have shown us that the most important stage of sleep is a deep sleep as it is the time when our bodies are able to regenerate. It is sometimes referred to as the dream stage.

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Getting enough quality sleep will help keep you healthy and avoid unnecessary headaches during the day. Getting good sleep during the night will help boost your productivity during the day and even help positively influence how you interact with people throughout your day.

You should implement the tips we have given you on how to sleep deeper and you will notice positive results in a very short time. You do not have to run to taking medicine for you to sleep better at night, all you have to do is make a few lifestyle adjustments that will make a world of difference.

Best pillow for side sleeper
Best pillow for side sleeper

Best Pillow For Side Sleeper

Choosing a good pillow for side sleepers is not an easy task. You have multiple types of choices and ergonomic vs. regular, materials, firm or soft and so on. On the other hand, many manufacturers market their product as such when in reality it’s just ordinary –at its best.

We all know that over half of the population prefers to sleep on their side, leg bent arms down position.

For this article, the concentration will be based on pillows, and their effects, specifically on side sleepers.

Choosing a good pillow for side sleepers is not an easy task

Choosing a good pillow for side sleepers is not an easy task

Your Pillow Is more important than what you think

So how important is your pillow, anyway? And are you looking after it right?

A good pillow is critical. If you are sleeping on the wrong pillow, your whole body is out of alignment. You will wake up in the morning feeling uncomfortable and out of sorts because your neck is out of balanced.

And did you ever pause to think that your pillow could be harming your health? We know; it’s so soft and cozy, how could it be harmful? Well, we are here to give you the lowdown and health risk when you’re using the wrong pillows.


You spend a lot of time in sleeping on your pillow, but what about the potential allergens and irritants that could build upon your pillow, night after night, as well as the materials, your pillow is made from and stuffed? Dust mites, mold, fungi, formaldehyde, acetate, polyester, flame retardants – not to mention sweat, skin cells and drool – most of these are present in the average pillow, and they could be having a severe impact on your health!

Ear Pain

If you wake up often at night with one of your ears incredibly pain where you have lain on it- around the cartilage, not the earhole, so you know it’s not an infection or anything. It’s like the weight of your head pressing your ear into the bed is too much for it! You’ve had this on and off for ages, and you’ve bought big squashy pillows and also a ‘side sleeper’ pillow with a hole for the ear to rest in, but neither helped. You end up having to sleep on your back which is uncomfortable for you as you love sleeping curled up on your side. You might have a disturbed sleep at night, and your ear is still pain today!

Ear pain when wake up at night

Ear pain when wake up at night


For many who experience migraines, headaches and neck pain go hand in hand.

With the right pillow, therefore, you will be able to increase the number of hours you sleep each night and get enough support for your neck and back.

Regardless of the type of pillow you choose to use, ensure that it is designed to offer neck and back support

Shoulder pain

Do you place your arm beneath your head as your pillow when you sleep? Or maybe you like to sleep on one side all the time? These could wear down the cartilage of your joint and lock your shoulder muscles into place, causing shoulder pain when you try to straighten your arm in the morning. It may also cause inflammation of the tendons, muscles, and joints, leading to severe injury.

What to Look For When Buying a Pillow

Be sure you have a cozy pillow to rest your head on as you hopefully spend about one-third of your day sleeping. With so many options on the market, you might be confused about what type of bed pillows will give you the best night’s rest. With our tips, we’ll take some of the mystery about buying a bed pillow.

  • Material – There are few different types of materials which used for pillow-stuffing, and they are all quite specific. Some are better for support, others for comfort – it is up to you and your personal preference or requirements which would determine the material you would go.
  • Knee Support- Knee support is important for one primary reason – spinal alignment. As you notice, the position of the legs for people who sleep on their side is critical. It has a direct impact on the way their spine would align and, as such, improper posture could lead to stiffness, chronic pain and other issues of the kind.

This is the main reason for which side sleepers could use a full-body pillow, not something that regular stomach- or back-sleepers could take advantage.

  • Who will be using the pillow- Keep in mind that the user and its personal preferences, need to be taken into serious consideration? A pregnant woman is always going to prefer sleeping on her side. She would require a pregnancy pillow that is slightly different than a regular side sleeper.

Pregnant women could take advantage of full-body pillows as they are capable of providing them with splendid support. Not every regular person would need one of these.

Pregnant women could take advantage of full body pillows

Pregnant women could take advantage of full body pillows

Pillow Types

V-shaped and U-shaped Pillows

Body pillows are useful for people who suffer hip and lower back pain or distress while you can sleep next to the pillows and put it in the middle of your legs to reduce the tension. A body pillow is also a fun way for the kids “or the kid within” to lounge around.

Latex and Memory-foam Pillows

These are another type of pillows that is dense and manufactured as a contour pillow for neck support.

The firmest of pillows that also molds to contours of head and neck.

Natural biodegradable.

Protects against the insects naturally.

Help resists dusting mites and mold with the person who suffers allergies.

Its manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals.

Side Sleeper Pro

The side sleeper pro pillow is firm and meant to take up space between your head and your shoulder. It helps you to evenly adjust your weight while asleep which may result in an unnatural posture. Sleeping with the right pillow will guard the position of your spine too. A lousy pillow not only causes restless nights but they are also the leading causes of having back and neck pain. Everyone can find the best pillow for themselves, but the side sleepers are the one that goes through a lot of hassle as the pillow should raise their heads to keep it perfectly in-line with the spine.

Reviews for Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

When you look for the best side sleepers, it’s easy for you to start with the list of the best one that gives you all of the specifics to help you make the best choice for your needs. Here are the top 4 side sleeper pillows customer reports, and what makes them so high that you will never want another kind of pillows.

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Buy from Amazon

This High-Quality pillow, the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow made by Coop Home Good is one of the leading choices for side sleepers. Its luxurious cover and core are all made materials of the best quality. To make you feel more comfortable while sleeping, the inside part of this pillow filled with shredded memory foam. Therefore, you can adjust it to suit your sleeping postures most.

Mainly, this pillow is also accompanied by two high-quality covers. You can circulate from the outside cover into the inside one efficiently, so it is very convenient for the quick wash.

With a unique design of the cover, this pillow can provide the shredded memory foam fillings with the needed amount of air to bring you a relaxed feeling and have a sound sleep.

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow


Buy from Amazon

The Bamboo, Lycra and Polyester cover will give you the feeling of dry and fresh during your sleep.

The most beautiful thing you get from this pillow is that you can quickly adjust this pillow as you want. If You want it thicker or thinner in certain spots, you just need move any part of its shredded foam to any place you want. It will help your neck in the most comfortable state.

Primarily, it can do a great job of supporting you the most comfortable feeling during the night no matter which side you spend on and no matter which position you lie during your sleep.

Cushy Form Wedge Knee Pillow

Cushy Form Wedge Knee Pillow

Cushy Form Wedge Knee Pillow


Buy from Amazon

Are you looking for all night comfort from back, leg, knee and sciatic pain? This wedge knee pillow could be the answer for you as bedside sleepers.

To ease post-surgical discomfort, people recovering from a hip replacement or other surgery should consider this pillow.

What we like about this pillow is wash friendly. Cushy Form knee pillow comes with a washable cover as well as a travel and storage bags. Made from Visco-elastic memory foam, and it boasts a long-lasting and durable shape.

Pain relief. This pillow could be a good choice for those seeking post-surgical pain relief or as spacing and comfort issues during pregnancy.

Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

Initially, this pillow helps patients recovering from injuries and Orthopedic patients with muscle and joint pain from lousy sleeping positions; the Tri-Core soon became one of the most natural choices for everyone looking to get a great night’s sleep. Its ingenious design makes it a curiosity at first, but sleeping on it once will make you wonder why pillows everywhere not constructed the same way.


Remember that as much as 30% of the surface your body uses on the bed to comprised of the pillow. That makes your options on the right side sleeper pillow valuable when it comes to a good night’s rest. The pillows listed here are the leading and the top of what is available for side sleeping support. Get one now today and find out how much better your night can get.